Daytona Bounce Houses

Are you tired of your children sitting around vacantly at every single party you go to? I mean, it's the 21st century, aren't there more ways to entertain our children than shoving a ten-inch screen in their hand filled with games and leaving them alone for four hours? We say this is no way to entertain our children. A perfect solution to this problem is to rent a bounce house for your next party or event! A bounce house is a large, inflatable structure where roughly a dozen children at a time can bounce around without fear of falling to the hard ground because the structure is surrounded by four walls, and usually a roof.

Bounce Houses are ideal for events involving a lot of children. They come in a large variety of sizes, designs, and functions. Bounce Houses can be anywhere from 13'L x 13'W with a capacity of about 8 children to about 20'L x 15'W with a capacity of about 12 children. The amount of design options available to you can sometimes be staggering. Depending on whatever style you want, or whatever theme your party is, you are sure to find a bounce house style that suits you. Whether you want a traditional castle bounce house for a princess or a knight-themed party, a pirate ship bounce house, and even one designed like a space station for those children who dream of becoming astronauts. But the design options don't end there, and they don't even need to be themed towards children. Say you want to have a Bounce House at your wedding for both entertaining the children and also to get some fun pictures for your wedding album, there are bounce house designs that look crisp, clean, and within your color scheme that won't look ridiculous and out of place at your wedding reception. There are plenty of bounce houses that come with additional features as well, including slide attachments, ball pits, and water features like slip and slides. With the sheer variety of bounce houses available to you, you'll have a hard time picking just one to rent for your upcoming function!

Not all bounce house providers are created the same, though. There are some important things you must remember before renting a bounce house. First, make a list of bounce house providers in your area by checking both phone books, websites, and through friend suggestions. Getting recommendations from people who have already used a service is a good way to make sure you're going to get the best bang for your buck. Make sure to check for testimonials and pictures on their website so you can see the quality of their service yourself. When ordering your bounce house, make sure all of the supplies needed are included, such as a tarp, a patch kit, an air pump, etc.

Bounce Houses are a great, fun, and affordable (rarely more than $200 for a 12 hour rental) way to make any party or event much more exciting, especially for all of the children involved. Whether it be a child's birthday, a festival, a school carnival, a company picnic, a block party, a fund raiser, and so on, you are guaranteed to be more than satisfied with renting a bounce house!