Daytona Candy Buffets

Everyone has a sweet tooth, and nothing makes people want to fulfill that sweet tooth more than a beautiful wedding ceremony does. A great way to satisfy this desire in your wedding guests is by providing candy to them, but you can't just hand out bags of candy to people that you bought at the 7-Eleven down the street--just like every other part of your wedding, the candy needs to fit within your theme and color scheme. A great way to tie candy into your wedding reception is by having a candy buffet station. It is a great, fun way to include people of all ages, and it gives everyone some sweet treats that they can eat throughout the reception (and get their sugar boost to stay active) as well as giving them a delicious, consumable souvenir to bring home! In the following article, we will tell you everything you need to know about putting together a candy buffet for your wedding so you won't be stuck with a candy buffet that's disorganized, poorly planned, and rushed.

Start by picking the candy that you'll be using. This way you can plan the containers and displays based around what kind of candy that you've chosen; trying to do it the other way around can lead to a lot of issues and often leads to you needing to rethink everything from the very beginning, so doing it in this order is the best way to squash that issue before it even happens. Between you and your partner, decide what kind of candy you'd like to have there, and what kind of candy you don't want to have there. It should be candy that you each like, candy that you know your guests will like, candy in the theme of the wedding, and it should complement the flavor and texture of the dessert being served as part of the wedding dinner. It's also important to remember the weather. Will the event be outdoors or indoors, and if it's indoors will there be air conditioning? If you're worried about the buffet getting warm at all then you should exclude anything that could melt--namely, and unfortunately, chocolate. This buffet would also be a good place to include other treats like cookies, brownies, and kettle corn. Also make sure to keep different diets concerns in mind such as gluten-free, vegetarian, sugar-free, and candies without peanuts for people with allergies. Make sure to not buy too much candy, but you also don't want to run out of candy either. Typically, you should order about .2 pounds of candy per guest, so if you have a reception with 100 guests then 25 pounds of candy would be plenty for your purposes.

When looking for containers to store the candy in, don't simply buy glassware from the Dollar Store and call it a day--try crystal ware and beautiful, creative containers to really "wow' your guests. Use containers of varying heights and shapes to provide a great profile for your buffet table. Remember to buy tongs and spoons for scooping the candy out of the containers so your guests aren't sticking their hands into the candy--Gross! Also, make sure to buy boxes or take-home containers for your guests to bring candy home so you're not stuck with a bunch of leftover candy.

Finally, decorate your buffet table. You can really have fun with this part. Make sure to tie your table into the theme of the rest of the party. Use balloons, ribbons, flowers, and centerpieces like statues or even a chocolate fountain to really balance the whole table. A cute idea would be to put pictures of the two newlyweds as children on the lining of the table.

There is a countless number of ways to make your candy buffet happen, so it's important to keep it in mind when planning every other part of your wedding, so you can make sure to keep it in the theme. Above all else, make sure you have fun with the planning. A candy buffet that has been planned while having fun is sure to excited your guests and make them want to keep coming back for more!