Daytona Clowns

There are few forms of party entertainment as timeless as hiring a clown. Clowns are incredibly versatile entertainers that specialize in entertaining in any number of different venues and party types. You could hire a clown to entertain for a child's birthday party, a school field day, a company picnic, a corporate banquet, a family reunion--the list goes on and on! The tricky part, however, is finding a clown that will be professional, entertaining, and above-all: not creepy. Any one can buy some face paint and oversized shoes and call themselves a clown. So how do you find someone that fits your criteria, that you can be sure will be someone you want to have at your event? The following tips will ensure that you have a great experience hiring a clown for your upcoming event, and will make you want to recommend hiring a clown to your friends and family!

First, put together a list of clowns in your area by utilizing a phone book, the internet, and recommendations from people you know. You can look for both freelance clowns, and entertainment agencies. There are some things to look out for with both options, however. With freelance clowns, there comes the obvious worry about taking them for their word, however, sometimes freelance clowns are the best of the best, because they don't want to get bogged down by working for an agency. However, the positive thing about hiring a clown from an agency is that they are guaranteed safe and professional because agencies screen and test all of their entertainers. The problem with this is that sometimes clowns hired through agencies are on the low-end of the talented clowns, however this is certainly not always the case. A good way to screen the clown you are hiring beforehand is to check testimonials on their website and to check their references.

Once you have a list of the clowns you might light to hire, start to call them up. Ask them about rates and ask them about what their act is like. The less detailed they are about their act, the more you should question their professionalism and abilities. A good clown has a wide array of skills such as slapstick humor, juggling, magic tricks, face painting, and balloon creations. A clown doesn't need to have all of these traits to be a good clown, but if they only have one or two of these skills, then it might be a good idea to pass on that clown. After you've narrowed down the list of clowns through your phone calls, it's a good idea to meet with the clown beforehand and figure out what pieces of their performances would suit you best, and also for you to get a good feel of them before you invite them over to your party.

With these tips you should have a good idea on how to start looking for a clown that is safe, professional, entertaining, and worthy of being a part of the special day that you have planned. Remember to leave a review of your experience with the clown you hired after the event, and if the clown did a great job, make sure to request to be a reference for them. It will help save someone the legwork in the future.