Daytona Invitations

There is no shortage of things to consider when planning your wedding. In fact, it seems like every detail comes with its own branch of micro-details that will take a ridiculous amount of time each to resolve. One prime example of this pattern is the planning, organizing, and delivery of your wedding invitations. If not thought about in enough time, your wedding invitations can become a thing of your nightmares. The following guide will help you ensure that your wedding invitations and all of the details that come with them are easy as possible to put together.

By the time you are putting together your wedding invitations, you should already have your wedding's style in mind. That's not to say that every detail of your wedding is planned, and that some things can't change, but you should at least have a certain theme in mind before even touching your wedding invitations. The style of the invitations gives the guests not only a look at what kind of style the wedding will have, but also what form of dress that will be appropriate. Will it be classic or modern? Glam or elegant? Will it be a beach wedding or a chapel wedding? These are things that can and should be reflected in just the style of the invitations. The color palette for your wedding should absolutely be considered in this process as well--otherwise, what do you have a palette for at all?

It is time-consuming, but it is a great idea to have your wedding invitations hand-written. This will be what is most appealing to your prospective guests, and it will make each and every person feel special. You can also get your invitations done through a calligrapher, but this can start to be pretty pricey, especially if you're trying to get them to hand-write every word on the invitation. When writing out your invitations it is important to choose every single word carefully. Make sure to outline the time and date of the wedding, who the host of the wedding is, maybe what kind of food will be at the wedding and a space for the guest to RSVP and food allergies they may have. Also, while it is important to be detailed in your invitations, you don't want to clutter up the card too much because it can make the invitation jumble together, and sometimes make the whole card hard to read.

Finally, make sure you send the invitations out in enough time from the wedding, but not too far in advance. Typically, the save-the-dates go out about 6 to 8 months before the wedding, and the invitations can go out about six to eight weeks before the wedding. It is sometimes acceptable to mail them out as much as ten months before the wedding, but you should never send them out longer than that, because you run the risk of everyone forgetting to RSVP, and you are left not knowing who is or is not coming.

Your invitations are your first chance to make a first impression to your guests on what your wedding will be like. As much care should go into the design and delivery of your invitations as the rest of your wedding. Above all, though, remember to have fun with it!