Daytona Jewelry

There is so much more to looking perfect on your wedding day than simply picking out the right dress. You're not done by a long shot. The next step is to begin thinking about your accessories, such as necklaces, headpieces, earrings, bracelets, and etc. It is important to pick the right jewelery to go with your wedding dress, makeup, and hair so you can balance your appearance and truly look like a million bucks. The following article will go over the do's and do-not's of picking your wedding jewelery, without pulling any teeth.

The first thing we need to consider when deciding what kind of metals (silver, gold, pearls, etc) we should wear is what color is the dress that you'll be wearing? This is vitally important because if you pick the wrong colored metals for the color of your dress then you run the risk of your who look being just a little bit off, even if it's hard for the observer to put their finger on what doesn't look quite right. This is the last thing you want your guests to be thinking when they see you walking down the aisle--you want them to be completely awe-stricken at how beautiful you look so consider your colors! If you are going with traditional white then go with platinum and pearls. The brilliant tones in these types of jewelery will make the white in your dress pop even more and you will look like the beautiful, shining star that you're intended to. If your gown is ivory with it's nearly-yellow undertones then you definitely want to go with gold jewelery, or else you run the risk of the yellow undertones being lost. However, make sure that this color does not clash with your skin tone. Not everyone can pull off gold, so be weary of this. If your dress is a diamond color, then you're pretty much in the clear. You can pull off silver, gold, rose gold, and on and on. It's all fair game for you, honey.

The next thing you need to consider is your gown's neckline. This is arguably the most important part about deciding what kind of jewelery you should wear. If you are wearing a v-neck, for example, you should take the opportunity to draw attention to your collar area by balancing your dress with a choker or a pendant. Wearing a bracelet (but never a watch) with this is sometimes a good idea. IF you are going with a sweetheart dress, maybe go for some diamond earrings or a headpiece like a headband or flowers in your hair to draw attention to your head.

When deciding upon your wedding jewelry, it all comes back to remembering this one simple rule: Keep it simple, stupid. If you get too flashy with it, you run the risk of overshadowing your dress, and you will completely lose the aesthetic balance that you have worked so hard to achieve. It's extremely easy to go too far so keep a look out.