Daytona Party Venues

Picking the right party venue can be even harder than planning the party itself, sometimes, and often it's the most important part. If you pick the wrong venue you can be stuck having a party that's awkward, disjointed, and generally a disaster from the very beginning. By following the guide below, you will find yourself well-equipped to planning the perfect party where everyone in attendance will be comfortable and excited to be there.

First, you must identify what kind of party it is that you're throwing. Is it a child's birthday party that's best suited for a backyard or a residence? Is it a corporate event or end-of-the-year extracurricular celebration and dance that is best suited for a banquet hall? Maybe it's a family reunion or festival that calls for renting out a space at a public park? Whatever the case, it's important to know exactly what kind of party you're having, and what kind of people will be there. How many people will be there, and what will be the age range of people in attendance? This will help you decide what sized venue you should have. You should be sure to not have a venue that's too small for your purposes as this will leave your guests feeling cramped and uncomfortable, while having a venue that too large for your purposes can make your guests feel too spread out and awkward. Either of these situations can completely ruin any party, so it is very important to know how much space you need.

The next thing you need to know is what you need for your party. Will you need the venue to provide food like some banquet halls (and all restaurants) provide, or do you plan on being catered or providing food yourself? What kinds of audio-visual equipment will you need? Will you be playing music, showing a slideshow, giving a speech? What kind of layout do you need, and do you need the venue to be flexible about changing the layout mid-event? What about parking--is there public parking, a valet service, or will people need to be bussed into the venue? Some banquet halls provide audio-visual equipment, but usually at an extra fee.

Which leads to the next, and final piece of advice. Make sure you get the rate of rental, and also if there are any additional fees. Make sure when contacting a representative for the venue that you outline everything that you plan on doing with the event and all of the equipment and food that you'll need. Ask about their catering policies if you plan on having the event catered. Make sure to call two months ahead of the event at the very least to ensure your day and time are not taken and you aren't stuck scrambling for another, less-than-perfect venue.

Remember to have fun planning the event. If you don't have fun with the event-planning, you can't expect your guests to have fun either. If you remember these tips, you will have no problem figuring out where to hold your event! Good luck!