Daytona Tanning Salons

The image of us on our wedding day is one that will follow us for the rest of our lives. That being said, we naturally want to look better than we ever have before on our wedding day. A great way to make our skin tones look the best they possibly can is by tanning before the big day. Now some of us already have dark skin tones and wouldn't benefit from tanning, and others have very pale skin and would do better to accentuate their light complexion rather than mask it, but this following guide is for the people who would benefit from getting a tan. That being people with more olive undertones in their skin color, as well as people who are already have a slight natural tan. For those of you who match that description, getting a tan before your big day is a great way to really bring out the best in your skin tone and really make yourself stand out to your guests and your fiance. The following guide will cover the two most popular and effective ways to get a tan--UV Tanning and Spray Tanning. It is also, obviously, possible to tan on your own at your home or at the beach, but the can sometimes lead to a disaster, especially if you aren't careful or don't know exactly what you are doing. For that reason, this guide will only cover the UV Tanning Salons and Spray Tanning, but if you feel comfortable enough to take the risk by doing the tanning at home, then by all means, do what works best for you.

After deciding whether or not you should use a tanning service, you must decide which style of tanning you want to use. There are a few benefits and risks for both that you'll want to consider before deciding. The benefits of UV Tanning are that it replicates exactly how the sun would tan your particular skin, and it lasts much longer than Spray Tanning does, however it has much more risks than Spray Tanning in that it may increase your chance to develop skin cancer, as well as potential damage to your eyes. Alternatively, spray tanning has no known risk of causing skin cancer and is a safer alternative to the UV beds, and the only real risks being accidental ingestion of the active ingredient DHA, but that is not very common as protection is worn. The negatives with spray tanning are that, while many spray tan salons are very talented and great at finding the perfect tone for your skin color, it can look less natural than a UV tan, and it lasts a significant shorter amount of time than a natural tan would.

What it all boils down to is your own personal preference. Try, ahead of time, to see how each tan looks on you. It costs money, but doing a trial run of each tanning type far ahead of your actual wedding day is the best way to decide for yourself which service works best for you.