Daytona Valet Parking

Weddings are huge events. Between the two people being married, with the amount of families and friends coming together for the joining of the two people (and bank accounts), chances are you have a huge number of people that will be in attendance at your wedding. This can be tricky when it comes to organizing parking, especially if you plan on holding the wedding inside of a big city, or at a private location like a residence or a park. By hiring a valet service, you can guarantee that not only your guests arrive at your wedding reception in time, but also that the parking area for your event remains organized and easy when time for departure comes around. Not to mention that valets make your guests feel special. Between being invited to a formal, and magic event, and the fact that they are getting someone else to park their car for them, it immediately makes your guests excited for the wedding reception. The following guide will go over what you need to know when it comes to hiring a valet service for your wedding reception.

Begin by getting a recommendation from the coordinators of the venue that you have chosen. If the venue that you have chosen has less-than-optimal parking, see if they have any tried-and-true valet services so that you can save yourself the legwork. This way you know that the valet service is familiar with the location so you don't have to worry about any accidents happening that would cause you any embarrassment. If the venue doesn't have any recommendations, or you aren't at a venue where there is anybody for you to ask for a recommendation from, then it's time to start doing an internet search. Look for well-reviewed valet services that have a good amount of reviews (that don't look fake), and start making calls around. Ask the valet services what they know about the area, and how they could help service you. Ask about their valet's uniforms. You want the valets to appear well-dressed to match the formality of the event, but you also want to make sure that the valets are dressed alike and that they are distinguishable from the rest of the guests at your party, so they aren't mistaken for regular guests. Make sure to get a list of references while you're eat it to ensure that they are a reputable valet service.

If the valet service that you have chosen doesn't know the area very well, but you feel comfortable with them, hold a site visit with the valet manager, so they can go over a plan with you. Their plan should include a map of their fastest and safest route, locations available for parking, and what the costs of using their service should be. Make sure that there is a detailed plan set out before the wedding takes place, or else you risk all sorts of chaos ensuing during the event.

Hiring a valet service can be a fantastic way to keep your event organized, formal, and safe. By hiring a valet service you will save yourself the stress of organizing parking during your big day.