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You have found the most dependable, knowledgeable and courteous limousine service in Daytona! We're here to cater to all of your professional transportation needs and we're more than happy to do so; we've been servicing the community for many years! While we've got a great fleet of vehicles for nearly every need and competitive rates, we collectively believe that it's the people that make a company successful and worth hiring; again-and-again!

When you call us to book your trip or special event - or even just to get a quote - you'll be dealing with people who truly know the area and all that it has to offer. Everyone here is either a lifelong local or a person who moved here years ago and decided to never leave ... having the same feeling that you may end up having.

No matter if you are here for a corporate function, planning a locally-based special event or celebration or you're vacationing and looking to travel in style and relaxation, Party Bus Daytona is the proper company to consult!

If you've happened across our site and you've used our services before, please feel free to leave us some feedback! Good or bad (and we are honest when we say it's most always great) we take the opinions of our clients very seriously. Your input is what fuels our ways in which we do business. If you're reaching us for the first time, please take a few moments and get to know our fleet, get a sort-of mental picture as to what you would like to do in our fine city and metropolitan area and give us a call so that we can make your trip as fun and stress-free as possible!

Proud to serve the great people of Daytona with the finest service and best prices!

You can trust us for any special occasion!

We serve all types of events in and around the Daytona area! That means that whether you're planning a wild bachelorette party, an elegant wedding, a fun-filled birthday party, or even a high school prom for your teen, we've got you covered! Let's talk about our most exciting events.

SPRING BREAK: Spring Break is always a hot ticket out here in Daytona and we get a lot of calls from smart teens and wise parents who know that safe and exciting transportation do not have to be polar opposites! We want your teens to be safe on the road during their most exciting vacation of their youth, and since it's so luxurious and fun, they'll just feel like you're spoiling them and treating them to something special in exchange for all their hard work at school! Their friends will be forever grateful too, as will their friends' parents who are just as happy to know that their teens are safe on the road. They might even be willing to split the cost with you, making it easier on your bank account as well!

WEDDINGS: It's no secret that weddings are truly once in a lifetime here in Daytona. These gorgeous beaches and all those sensational wedding venues... you'll feel like a prince or princess when you tie the knot with your beloved, especially when you're traveling in as much luxury as we can provide! Traveling with your entire wedding party in tow is just incredible, being able to converse easily and spend more time when you'd normally just be battling traffic. There's just no time for anything but enjoyment on this special day, so take advantage of our services and find out why we're so highly recommended for weddings. (P.S. We include wedding decor and a bottle of champagne, and if you book your bachelor or bachelorette party at the same time that you book your wedding transportation, we've got a special discount for you! Just ask!)

PROM & HOMECOMING: That's right, it's not just Spring Break that makes our services in such high demand for smart teens and their parents. Prom and homecoming are two of the biggest events of the year for students and you definitely want to make sure that they aren't the victims of distracted driving or even drinking and driving. Our professional chauffeurs will keep them totally safe on the road while they enjoy a luxury evening with their very best friends. Note that alcohol is not allowed on board unless the entire party is 21+, so your teens will enjoy an alcohol-free evening and you can rest assured that they're safe.

SPORTING EVENTS: There's nothing like the tailgating experience that you treat yourself to when you travel with us! Hit the road in absolute style and actually enjoy the ride to and from the game for a change. Hit up your favorite sports bars after, whether to celebrate the big win or to drown your sorrows in a tall beer if they happen to lose! Bring your favorite memorabilia and decorate the bus! Have your own Super Bowl style party on the road even if it's just the usual Monday Night Football. It's up to you!

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