About Limousine Service Daytona!

"Limousine Service Daytona" is accustomed to handling transportation needs of all types. We have experience catering to your business-related, recreationally-based and sepcial event-type driving needs. Therefore, we have vehicles that cater to all of the above and our track record in dealing with all types of clients speaks to our ways of doing business!

While we have an extremely high standard when it comes to the employees that we take on to provide customer service, we've got the most experienced drivers in the Daytona area and we're available to communicate with all hours of the day and night (everyday) - we still have the most competitive rates in town. We have been around serving the community's needs long enough that we have built up a core group of customers and they all seem to pass on great feedback regarding our services.

We like to believe that we provide the whole package when it comes to a limousine company. Many other companies simply have a few vehicles and that is pretty much their extent in the business world. In our opinion, having quality people to serve you, indepth knowledge of the area and an emphasis on our word being extra-important are all very important factors that we must keep up!

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